Key Benefits

Simultaneously receive on two totally independent 2MHz spectrum windows anywhere between 1kHz and 2GHz

Simultaneous processing from 2 antennas enables direction-finding, diversity and noise reduction applications

  • Ideal for cross band full-duplex reception, e.g. HF + VHF or VHF + UHF
  • Simultaneous Dump1090 and VHF ATC reception
  • Simultaneous monitoring and recording of 2 ISM bands
  • Covers all frequencies from 1kHz through VLF, LF, MW, HF, VHF, UHF and L-band to 2GHz, with no gaps
  • Receive, monitor and record up to 10MHz of spectrum at a time (single tuner mode)
  • External clock input and output for synchronisation purposes, or connection to GPS reference clock
  • Excellent dynamic range for challenging reception conditions
  • Works with popular EXTIO-based SDR software (available mid 2018)
  • Software upgradeable for future standards Strong and growing software support network
  • API provided to allow demodulator or application development
  • Calibrated S meter/ RF power and SNR measurement with SDRuno (including datalogging to .CSV file capability)
  • Ideal for portable monitoring of ISM/ IoT/ Telemetry bands <2GHz
  • World-class technical support via

Key Features

  • Dual tuner provides independent coverage from 1kHz to 2GHz using 2 antenna ports simultaneously
  • 14-bit ADC silicon technology (not another 8 bit dongle!)
  • Up to 10MHz visible bandwidth (single tuner mode) or 2 slices of 2MHz spectrum (dual tuner mode)
  • 3 software-selectable antenna ports ( 2 x 50? and 1 x 1k? high impedance balanced/unbalanced input)
  • High impedance antenna port (1kHz to 30MHz) with selectable MW notch filter and choice of 2 pre-selection filters
  • Software selectable AM/FM and DAB broadcast band notch filters for the 2 SMA antenna (1kHz to 2GHz) antenna ports
  • External clock input and output enables easy synchronisation to multiple RSPs or external reference clock
  • Powers over the USB cable with a simple type B socket
  • 11 high-selectivity, built in front-end preselection filters on both the 2 SMA antenna ports
  • Software selectable multi-level Low Noise Preamplifier
  • Bias -T power supply for powering antenna-mounted LNA
  • Enclosed in a rugged black painted steel case.
  • SDRuno—World Class SDR software for Windows
  • Documented API for new apps development

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