RG8X Mini 8 50 metre roll (mil spec)

RG8X Mini 8 50 metre roll (mil spec)


RG8X Mini 8 Price per metre (mil spec)

Mil-spec cable is designed to operate in harsh, demanding environments such as on the battlefield, on-board a Navy ship or a jet fighter, and inside missiles. These environments can be hot, abrasive, and/or corrosive. ... Mil-spec cable is also commonly used in commercial applications where reliability is crucial.

A series of standard types of coaxial cable were specified for military uses, in the form "RG-#" or "RG-#/U". They date from World War II and were listed in MIL-HDBK-216 published in 1962. These designations are now obsolete. The RG designation stands for Radio Guide; the U designation stands for Universal. The current military standard is MIL-SPEC MIL-C-17. MIL-C-17 numbers, such as "M17/75-RG214", are given for military cables and manufacturer's catalog numbers for civilian applications. However, the RG-series designations were so common for generations that they are still used, although critical users should be aware that since the handbook is withdrawn there is no standard to guarantee the electrical and physical characteristics of a cable described as "RG-# type". The RG designators are mostly used to identify compatible connectors that fit the inner conductor, dielectric, and jacket dimensions of the old RG-series cables.

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